Criminology Grad Programmes

U of O -- you can do either your MA or MCA (applied; includes a fieldplacement) in Criminology in the Department of Criminology. TA-ships are available to (almost) all first year MA students. And Ottawa is pretty cute :-)

U of T -- they offer both MA and PhD programmes at their Centre of Criminology - but TA-ships are hard to come by, at least for MAs. Toronto is expensive, of course, but not half as bad as people say it is :-)

Simon Fraser University -- in Burnaby, B.C, not too far away from Vancouver. Their School of Criminology also offers both MA and PhD degrees; TA-ships are available to most students.

If you want to do the whole thing in Montreal in French, the Ecole de Criminologie of the Universite de Montreal also offers grad programmes.

Also ...

Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, Nova Scotia offers a grad level Diploma in Prison Ministry, which consists of electives offered as part of their Master of Divinity Programme. As of fall 1997, the diploma will also be offered by distance education.
For more information, contact them directly:
The Dean of Students
Acadia Divinity College
Wolfville, NS
B0P 1X0
phone (902) 542-2285
fax (902) 5542-7527

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