Starting Points

Criminal Code of Canada -- take a look at the law of the land and download the CC as a single textfile.

For a basic statistical overview ...

Canadian Dimensions -- on justice and crime; # of crimes by offence, # of inmates in federal/provincial prisons, justice spending etc.

For a very general point of departure ...

Click here for a Canadian site set up by defence lawyers - it is written in English, don't worry :-) Includes sections on laws; crime scene investigation (forensics etc.); law enforcement; courts (check out the rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada); punishment and corrections (if you are looking for an address of any federal prison in Canada, this is the place to look); and other legal resources.

Access to Justice Network

ACJNet -- a good general site; download full text documents on pretty much everything; comes with its own search engine, mailing lists, a chatroom and more.

Justice Net

If you are looking for a more critical view, check out this American site. They describe themselves as "a vital networking tool and a valueable information library for grassroots activists, educators, and concerned folks fighting for human rights and social justice". One of my favourites.

Also ...

National Library -- if you live in the Ottawa area, you may want to check them out; they provide a number of services to researchers, students included. And if you are looking for mass media articles on some topic, search their indexes (CBCA) for the years 1981-96. They have all the papers indexed and will photocopy them for you. There is a charge for this, and they are not always the fastest... but at least you can have it all done in one place :-)

Media Links

Comprehensive News Sites

Canada NewsWire -- huge news release database; comes with its own search engine.
Canadian Newspaper Association -- organised by province; links to those of its member papers with on-line editions.
Southam Inc. Papers -- check out the Ottawa Citizen and other Southam papers on-line.
The Sun Newspapers -- from across Canada

Individual Papers & Magazines

The Globe & Mail
Le Droit
MacLean's Magazine


Newsworld Online -- CBC's cable news channel; comes with it's own search engine.
The National -- site index with a searchable transcript database.

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