Voices From Inside Prison

The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons -- an academically oriented publication committed to giving a voice to prisoners. Also includes essays and articles written by criminologists.

Prison News Service -- check out the on-line version of this Canadian publication by and for prisoners, mainly in Canada and the US. They have a number of issues available on-line.

Prison Abolition -- the story of Canadian prisoner Yves Bourque.

The Prison Legal News -- a monthly newsletter coming out of Washington State - not all issues are available on-line, but they are working on it.

Voices from Prison -- poetry, prose, art and more from U.S. prisoners.

Inner Voices -- a magazine "dedicated to publishing literature and creative writing by prisoners". It includes poetry, essays, plays and the like.

Prison Life Magazine -- a U.S. magazine by and for cons and ex-cons, archived back to October 1996. The hard copy edition also includes a Canadian Page.

Prison Poetry -- Robert R. Reldan`s poems; he`s an inmate at the New Jersey State Pen and these poems are his way of dealing "with the madness of prison life".

Deadman Talking -- a series of columns about life on death row; written by Dean, waiting for his execution in San Quentin Prison in California; also check out their link to Deadman Drawing, a series of drawings and paintings by another death row inmate at the same joint.

Or ...

Central Prison -- take a virtual tour of this North Carolina maximum security pen for some indication of what it's like inside.

Prisonzone -- for some more images in and around prisons. This is a commercial site, but you can still take a peek at some of their stuff.

What do Correctional Officers have to say?

The Keeper's Voice -- the newsletter of the International Association of Correctional Officers.

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