Government Sites & Political Parties

The Federal Government

Department of Justice -- their "site is to furnish citizens of Canada and of the world with information originating with the federal Department of Justice".

Solicitor General -- check out the speeches and press releases coming out of this Ministry, going back all the way to 1992. Also allows you to download full text editions of their reports on corrections, aboriginal justice and policing. They are working on adding more as well.

The Correctional Investigator -- the ombuds office for federally sentenced offenders (not a big site).

Corrections Canada -- one of the agencies responsible for the protection of society; they are running all our federal prisons. Browse their publications and look at the full text editions of their research reports.

The National Parole Board -- charged with making "independent, quality conditional release and pardon decisions and clemency recommendations"; browse through some of their publications and find out how they make their decisisions.

Parliament -- check this out for the debates in the House of Commons, the Senate and the Committees. Comes with a search engine to let you track specific bills and find out what your favourite politican had to say about it. The on-line debates etc. go back to January 1994.
For a look at the Justice Committee's homepage, click here.

Federal News Releases -- links to news releases put out by federal government ministries, agencies etc.

Canadian Firearms Centre -- for the latest on the new firarms regulations and amendments to the Criminal Code.

Statistics Canada -- access statistical information on the Land; the People; the Economy; and the State; also includes the 1996 census, The Daily and the index to Canadian Social Trends.
If this is not enough for you, check out one of the following:
CANSIM -- access Stats Canada's database via the University of Toronto gateway.
Carleton University Data Centre -- census data and special interest data (includes crime).

If you are looking for another federal government agency or department on the web, click here for an alphabetical listing of all websites connected to the federal government. If you are not sure of the name of the office, department etc., try this for the main government info site.

Provincial & Territorial Governments

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Northwest Territories

Political Parties

The Liberal Party of Canada
The Reform Party
Bloc Quebecois
The New Democrats
The Conservatives

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