Law Enforcement

Police Forces

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police -- the Mounties; our national police force with jurisdiction over all provinces (except Ontario and Quebec) and municipalities under contracts.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sites on the Web (Unofficial) -- everything you ever wanted to know about the Mounties.

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police -- an umbrella organisation for Canadian Police Forces.

Canadian Police College -- dedicated to "establishing and advancing ... national standards of excellence in police education and information services."

The Canadian Police Homepages -- a comprehensive listing of Canadian police departments with webpages, compiled by the Halifax Police Department; also includes links to Crime Stoppers across Canada.

Aboriginal Policing Services Directorate -- RCMP division "responsible for the initiation, development and evaluation of practical and culturally sensitive Aboriginal policing services which are acceptable to Aboriginal Canadians"; also find out about what the Mounties are doing to hire more Natives.

Also ...

CopNet -- Canadian-based, but international in scope; links to police resources in every Canadian province, other links relevant to cops & policing. Don't forget to check out their CopMall....

The Police Pages -- a U.S. site full of cop resources, coming out of Chicago; includes a section on Canadian law enforcement.

Police Officer Internet Directory -- huge site maintained by a U.S. cop; claims that he lists all law enforcement sites on the www....

Anti-Police & Police Brutality

Justice Net's Police Brutality Page

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