Alternative Justice and Penal Abolition

Restorative Justice: A Discussion Paper -- by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, who are way ahead of North America when it comes to alternatives. This is a comprehensive discussion of restorative justice; how it's been implemented in New Zealand to work with both adults and juveniles; public attitudes; also includes risk-benefit analysis and a bibliography.

Mennonite Central Committee -- one of the more outspoken activists in restorative justice initiatives in Canada; read through their newsletter articles dealing with this issue; also includes a restorative justice bibliography.

How not to get tough on crime -- a paper arguing that get tough measures (as in longer prison sentences etc.) do not work in reducing crime.

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives -- U.S. organisation "on the cutting edge of criminal justice reform" involved in developing and promoting alternative sentencing strategies, community reintegration and alternatives to incarceration. Also check out their 'Myth of the Month'.

Positive Justice -- a British group involved in promoting alternative justice; small site with few docs on punishment and the futility of incarceration.

ICOPA -- International Conference on Penal Abolition homepage; this conference was last held in spring 1997 in New Zealand - check out their resolutions etc.
*** ICOPA is coming to Ottawa in 1999!! ***

V.O.R.P. - Victim Offender Reconciliation Program: An Overview -- basic introduction and explanation of this form of alternative justice; written by a U.S. lawyer who is trained in mediation.

Alternative Sanctions -- the views of the New York chapter of CURE (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants). Or click here for Virginia CURE and their plan of action.

Victim Offender Mediation Association -- small U.S. site with introduction to their organisation and the principles underlying their victim offender mediation.

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