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Looking for a way to find information on criminology-related issues?
This page compiles links to sites dealing with criminal justice; corrections and life inside a prison; restorative justice; crime prevention; victims of crime; juvenile delinquency; and law enforcement. I have also included government and media sites that you may want to look at as well. Links to grad programmes in criminology at Canadian Universities can also be accessed from this page. There are no full text docs on this page - only links to sites related to criminal justice and criminology issues in some way. At the bottom of this page, there are some links to up-coming conferences and congresses that might be of interest.

The focus is on Canadian sites, but I have included other sites in cases where I couldn't find enough links to Canadian sources. I will not be able to update these pages for the next little while as I am about to lose net access. Once that is restored, I will begin updating again and I will also re-activate an email link for suggestions, comments, etc.

Click on any of the following for a list of links on that topic.

Starting Points

Here you'll find mainly comprehensive sites that cover a variety of issues in the criminal justice area. I have also included mass media links - but beware, unfortunately they don't archive their stuff on the web yet... Most of them only publish some of their stories in their on-line editions and only keep them there for a few days. Check them out, though, if your topic is making the news right now....

Government Sites & Political Parties

Links to Canadian government sites relevant in criminal justice (e.g., Solicitor General) or those of a more general interest (e.g., Stats Canada). Also includes links to all provincial and territorial governments.

Prisons and Penal Matters

General information about prisons and the penal system - prison slang, survival inside etc. Also lets you take a virtual tour of a prison in the US.

Voices From Inside Prison

Get an idea of what prisoners have to say - through poetry, diaries, drawings etc. Also includes a link to a newsletter put out by correctional workers.
  • Alternative Justice & Penal Abolitionism
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Prevention & Victims' Resources
  • Criminology Grad Programmes

  • Are you up for some shoptalk?

    The International Conference on Urban Safety and Crime Prevention in the Developing World will be held in South Africa in spring 1998. Topics of discussion will include youth violence, community policing, conflict resolution etc.

    The Seventh International Conference on Safe Communities with the theme Challenges for Sustaining Safe Communities in Large Urban Environments will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - May 13th-15th. For information, please contact: Consumer Safety Institute, c/o Dr. Wim Rogmans, P.O. Box 75169, 1070 AD Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Phone: (+31) 20 5114513 or Fax: (+31) 20 5114510.

    Interaction '98 - The Network's Fifth Biennial Conference on Conflict Resolution: Building the Road to Peace will be held May 25th-30th, 1998 at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec. E-mail Michele A. Pineau for more information.

    Aug. 24th - 29th, 1998: The 12th International Congress on Criminology will be held in Seoul, Korea.
    Click here and check it out.

    1999: The Ninth International Conference on Penal Abolition -- ICOPA is coming to Canada! It will be held in Ottawa sometime in February, hosted by the Department of Criminology of the University of Ottawa. Stay tuned for more details ...

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