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The PEI Road Trip with George and Everyone!

Thanks again Jay for putting this one up - this time even without any confusion! :-)
And I am not responsible for the icky green! This one is Jay's fault!

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Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 17:29:54 -0400
From: Tanya 
Newsgroups: alt.good.morning
Subject: random PEI brick

	Are we there yet? purple sunglasses
	George! clean towels most excellent
	cookies loooong phone messages Cows
	icecream & tee-shirts I want to see
	a moose! NOW! Magnetic Hill the pet
	funny sandwiches loovely loonch for
	Six In 14 seconds we've been on the
	road for 2 hours! YAY! bouncing way
	too early in Edmundston, NB We made	
	it! Fred eating the pet thanks very
	much Maggie! waterpistol fights red
	earth Pete falling off a railing in
	Quebec City (not my fault!) Anne of
	Green Gables AGM-Island Squeegy Boy
	80s music Confederation Bridge Fred
	waking up his ears Avra kissing the
	ground orange door sad music in the
	Irish Pub Nouveau Brunswick singing
	sand Charlottetown How does it feel
	to be of normal height? Leanne, you
	shoulda taken all the cookies! Fred
	on the playground George everywhere
	Morten singing the Macarena phoning
	PEI-AGMers long drives checking the
	height of New Brunswickers airports
	& goodbyes suck Can we go back now?

	TK :)

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