I grew up in Hannover, host of Expo 2000 - but have been in Canada since 1988.
I guess I just got stuck here... :-)

I live in Toronto, and no, it doesn't suck here!
So don't believe anything bad anyone might tell you :-)

For the time being, I am working at one of those big, ugly downtown hotels - and nooooo, I don't like it. I am constantly tempted to flick people on the forehead or tell them to *Get stuffed*. But I guess that would not be entirely professional....
I really am a criminologist, a rather disgruntled one, but I guess that's what you get for going into the social sciences.
But Plan B is about to go into effect, and I will be Super-HR-Woman in no time :)

I am:

down to earth
still crazy about The Inchies
shy on occasion, moody too
uncomplicated (I think...)
a sleepyhead at times :-)
and I do hate brussel sprouts and spinach.

January 8th, 1999 was the last time I felt geeky enough to fiddle around with this thing.

Thanks for stopping by. You are visitor since June 1997. Yay! :-)

Or just email me at tanya@agm.net

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