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Happy CAAGM Memories!

Thanks go to Jay for putting this up here without making fun of my pathetic computer skills! :-)
Don't give him stick for the yellowness, though. I'm afraid that is entirely my responsibility.

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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 15:28:08 -0400
From: Tanya 
Newsgroups: alt.good.morning
Subject: TK's CAAGM thingy

CAAGM got off to a most excellent start on Friday with Alex's arrival in
Ottawa. Finally I got to meet her!! Emma and I showed her around town -
she agreed Ottawa is indeed cute! - looked for a stick and entertained
some sidewalk cafe patrons with a most interesting parking manoeuvre :) We
didn't quite get a standing ovation, but lots of applause :)) The rest of
Alex's visit here was spent with non-stop talking, touristy things, a trip
to IKEA and a craft store, as well as trying to drag Seeker away from his
thesis. Thanks so much for coming Alex!! Hope to see you again really

On Monday, I got a lift in the ugly car to go up to the camp - with the
trip including a stop at the beer store, tons of luggage (hey eM, did you
really need 2 pillows??? :) ), Seeker threatening me to take a nap on the
way (Are we there yet??), me threatening him to burn his thesis, and lots
of talk about a hole. After getting just a little lost, we *finally* made
it to the camp! Woo hoooo! :)

This being my very first reallyreally big IRL, I was just a wee bit
nervous - but that didn't last long :) It was really amazing finally
meeting so many of the people whose posts I've been reading for almost 2
years now! It is so good to finally have voices and accents (some very
cute ones, too!) to go with what I already knew :) Most ppl present had
already formed strong bonds with each other or at least met at previous
IRLs, but I was made to feel right at home from the moment I stepped out
of the car. Thanks a million! 

The week was filled with lots of talking, laughing, sitting around the
fire or in the dining hall, making friends, hiking, drinking, staying up
late, signing AGM-books and so much more :) Amongst my most favourite
moments are these:

	boating one afternoon with Morten (why'd we only do this once, huh?)
	making fun of a Brit weather wimp in mittens and a hat - this was
	the middle of August after all!

	signing a butt

	the view from the cliff

	taking George on his first outing - to the beaver dam, no less :)
	little did I know then that I was going to spend another week with
	him... :)

	the ill-fated muddy expotition to the beaver dam at Second Lake
	which was diverted to The Rock instead - it should be pointed out
	that it was a lot muddier for some of us and that it included a
	pretty spectacular fall .. :)) Six, don't forget to send me copies
	of the pics!!! Please :) 

	a late night in front of the fireplace in excellent company 

	listening to Six sing "Happy Birthday" to himself :)

	watching ppl imitate the animations at the bowling alley

	telling NB it was because he was from New Brunswick :)

We just have to do this again next year!!!!!!!

Leaving was pretty rough, even though I got to go on to the PEI roadtrip
and knew that Fred was going to come to Ottawa after... good thing we had
George in the car and more than enough shoulders to cry on... :) 

I still miss people! And the atmoshpere, the feeling of friendship and
Until soon?!!

TK :)

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